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Since we are providing the equipments and machinery, and as a result the service is a must in our business factors. Actually this is the issue that will make many clients worried. We have been trying to make perfect services by many different ways. And now we have established the following ways: 

  • Getting more technicians now and train them by: Sending them to the factories, testing the machines in our demonstration room, visiting international exhibitions, visiting clients in other countries on pot. Now they are able to solve the problems any time.
  • Selected the best technicians in the factories and then we share the technician with the factory by paying salary, KPI testing. The technicians are working online in ALLSIGN and the service can be available any time.
  • Online service through MSN, SKYPE, TEAMVIEWER, etc with camera.

Quality Warranty

All products in iAllSign.com have been tested and checked strictly with our product engineers, We pay attention to every details including the quality, the package, or the transportation, the documents, etc and all of the processes are acted according to the requirements from the users and resellers. We record customer feedback and market intelligence in order to seek continuous improvement in Product quality and customer service.

Customer Case

Beside selecting and supplying high quality products to our customers,ALLSIGN has been receiving custonmized product requests from our clients. In the passed years, we have helped and arranged research and study for three difference cases from USA, Kuwait, RUSSIA, and Spain successfully.

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