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NINGBO ALLSIGN TRADING CO.,LTD is an enterprise with the experiences of 10 years for international signs industry by serving high end users and agents.

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Based on our experience, we have been fighting to maximize the interests and minimize the risk for the clients by selecting best and responsible manufacturers( First level of products, patient after sale services, professional shipping agencies.) And now we have established stable cooperation with 26 factories after long time of testing and customers feedback. All the products in our bus have been tested by the end users with FINAL excellent performances

Striving for trust by responsibility,we have been focusing on the details for each order including the parts (Brand new and usage condition) equipped for the machines,package materials/size/ marks/ documents requested,etc to avoid any inconvenience that might occur in the whole process of international trading operation.

Our main products range from consumables/back-up parts to production solutions in the industry. For more information of our main products,please click:

About AllSign Printer
The AllSign printers has many similarities to the ALLWIN printers. Committed to our focus on providing flexibility of choice to our customers, two types of control systems are currently available, We have the same suppliers for the printer with ALLWIN. 

The Printer has began to develop the Konica and Xaar 382 heads(Xaar Proton ) system. Different to other manufactures, we want to use one body for all types of different printhead,so that it will be more economical, flexible and versatile for customers to upgrade to a different system. Most of the manufacture in China are competing with two things, one is the heads , another one is the price. Many a times the one to suffer are the customers in a price war. Customers usually end up with a sub standard product or sub standard service and support. We want to jump out of the war and be special, so we have designed the FLASHJET. 

Printer Factory

Printer Parts Warehouse

Our values:

§ 1. Create satisfaction to our team. Senior staff (Working with us more than 2 years) rate is 60%.

§ 2. Create satisfaction to our customers.Regular customers(More than 3times of purchasing) is growing by.

§ 3. Create satisfaction to our partners. Golden factories(Cooperation over 2 years and order weekly) is over 50.

Our main services are following:

· Mature products in the sign industry with around 300 different types with good price.

· Professional services for the shipment and customs clearance.

· Customized products based on buyers’ special requests.

· Goods inspection for the overseas clients’ purchase on site.

· Technical support for the signs industry products. 


Good price for good quality and service

All the suppliers selected for ALLSIGN are with the capability of designing, study and research, manufacturing, serving and exporting for more than 5 years. ALLSIGN and the factories have established solid cooperation with each other. By this,we have been providing standard products and also customized products on order with good price. All of our products are with CE/UL and other needed certificates.


All the products on ALLSIGN have been exported and experienced by our end users in different areas in the world. We are not providing products but solutions and also we are running all the demo products here in our products demonstration center.

Professional shipping sevices

Shipping is a vital sector in international trading.

Our logistic dept has been arranging documents strictly as required by buyers and keep the buyers about the shipment issue directly by mail or other communication tools;

We have been working closely with first class logistic companies to ensure the best shipping cost with best services.

We have established solid and safe cooperation for all kinds of goods in our product line including the liquid ,motors and other related sensitive goods for international shipment.

Services including repackage, goods inspection, door-to-door shipping, and customs clearances are available. All the ordered products will be sent on the appointed time on the contract. The clients can track their orders any time on our site.

Customer Service before and after sales

ALLSIGN is equipped with professional service representative for all the clients through internet, phones, and on site. Clients can reach us by any way they prefer any time they need. All the service representative have professional knowledge for all of our products besides their 4P (Professional, Patient, Prompt, Preparation) services. They are also trained to quote shipping costs and freight costs for many types of orders that require extra service, such as inside delivery options, expedited air shipments.

After sales is the most important to ensure the buyers' profits. Our after sales team working 24*365hours

Real on-site goods inspection before shipment

All of our products will be tested with ALLSIGN experts on site in the factories until our shipping companies send the goods out with video and photos shooting for every detail .We have our product representatives working in some of our golden suppliers’ factories. For machinery products, we have the machines working until it can match our standards and guaranty the machines are in good situation and all of the process is operated by our own team there in the factories. Our goods inspection team has been in the factory for more than 15days/month on average as well.

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